Missing someone. Thats what insanity feels like.

Have the feeling deep within youre bones of missing someone. Like your body cringes because you miss them that hardcore.

You want to grip your hair tightly in your hands and curl up into a ball. Amd scream at the top of your lungs.

I miss you. You dumb fucking idiot. What about that dont you understand. My heart is beating for you. But you are like a ghost. I see you everywhere i look because where ever you stood when you were here was an immage that was burned into the iris of both my eyes. Its torture because i can see you but i cant feel/touch you. Do you miss me too is your body aching for me like mine is for you. My bones are withering every second you are gone. My breaths are shorter without you here. I cannot suck in enough oxygen to spooth the craving of my lungs. I cant find the energy or want to do it. Do you feel it too? This must be what missing someone feels like. Pure insanity.