The worst feeling in the world is when you’re about to kill yourself. And you’re trying to sit there and talk yourself out of it.
The first attempt at killing yourself. You sit there shaking begging for a reason to stay.
The next couple attempts you aren’t shaking at all. You are empty. And you tell yourself. There isn’t a reason.
Soon enough. Everyone that put you in that state of mind. Will realize you needed them. And who knows maybe you put yourself there. And maybe you needed yourself.
Then you realize. If you were strong enough to be there for yourself. Why the hell should anyone else be.

Demi lovato- in case

This song. Reminds me of my ex. It’s horrible. But it’s true..I still have all of her things she left with me.

I remember the last day I had with her she was leaving and I started crying. She tried to re assure me “you still have my clothes, that means I’ll be back”

I still hear her. And it breaks me down yet again because she didn’t ever come back.